Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lastest knitting projects

Here are a few things I have been working on. I have most of my projects photographed on film and not developed yet. I finally took the time to let Jerry teach me how to use the digital camera and now I can post much sooner.

This is the "Fountain Lace" dishcloth pattern from the FunKnittingDishclothKal. It was designed by smariek
I love her designs. Haven't tried any of her hats yet but someday.

This was my fifth knitted prayer shawl and uses two Lion Brand Homespun yarns in browns and a little green in one. I didn't have enough of one by itself so combined the two and randomly switched back and forth. It is a little wider and not quite as long as my others and I kind of like that.

This prayer shawl is the very first one I knit. I have carried it to many meetings but it hasn't found a home yet. It is knit with Lion Brand Homespun in Edwardian.

This is a prayer cloth that will go to First United Methodist very soon. It is difficult to tell but it is navy, green and burgandy. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun and the color is Mission. I did my usual K3,P3 but changed the needle size every 9 rows. This makes 9 tight rows and 9 loose rows. I wanted a more scolloped edge but needed a bigger size difference in my needles. I would try this one again to get the look I was hoping for.

This is a stocking dishcloth from FunKnittingDishclothKal. Sorry it doesn't show up better but this is pretty much how it looks in person. It was so easy to knit and the first time I have done anything like this.

The green bib and the varigated burp cloth are a set awaiting a new baby. Actually they will probably go to my newest great niece Kaylen Ranee.
The blue burp cloth needs a bib to match it so is patiently waiting for me to knit one.
The varigated bib is my first bib knit from the Mason Dixon book and is in use by the grandaughters when they are here.

Happy Knitting

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