Sunday, January 14, 2007


What isn't frozen? The very outdoor cats have taken to dashing into the house when I open the door to feed them. The birds are attacking the feeder outside my window. Otherwise, nothing is moving this morning. We didn't get the snow the weather man was predicting but as usual we got the ice.

Fortunately we moved Eric to Manhattan last Sunday. He has a very nice apartment less than 5 minutes from work, the landlords are very nice people and we already have Anna's name on the list for one of two units that will be opening this summer. To tell you how accepting they are of pets Mrs. Landlady suggested putting a box outside the window and one inside so that Eric could just open the window and let Alex in and out to the fenced back yard. Due to an odd closet placement the full size sofa would not fit through the door. Mr. Landlord suggested removing one of the front windows. So that is exactly what he and Jerry did. The couch came in through the window and Eric promply told Mr. Landlord that when he moves out he is leaving the couch for the next tenant.

Anna was allowed to return to cheer leading after her therapy session on Thursday. She was really excited but then the weather happened and the game was postponed. Tuesday she will put on her uniform and see if the knee can handle jumping, stunting and the real evil prior to surgery, standing for a long period of time. She has been working out daily and believes she will be able to handle it. I certainly hope so.

Work has been very busy and with this ice storm we will probably have a broken hip or two. Ice is job security for car body shops and people body shops.

Time to tune into the morning church service and prepare my brain for going out in the cold for the evening service. I am fixing soup for supper so I will have something to look forward to after church. I HATE cold weather.

Till next time.

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