Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Family

Mom & Dad - the recently spent two weeks making a loop through Colorado and Nebraska. It was the maiden voyage with their new to them camper trailer. They have lots of great stories. They visited friends in Colorado and Jarrod and his wife Jessie in Nebraska. Jarrod and Jessie were married on August 11. Jarrod manages a feedlot and Jess is working at Cabelas.

Eric is looking forward to a new, state of the art printing press at work.

Anna is busy with school and working at Dollar Tree.

On the left Anna and Kelsi in their kitchen.

One the right Anna, Eric and Kelsi.

Jerry is riding with the Patriot Guard for soldier funerals and has joined the Sons of the American Legion riders. He is deep in high school seniors photography and we have several art shows this fall. We have also done one wedding a month for the last several months.

The hospital is keeping me busy during the day and I try to help Jerry with the photography when I can. The Prayer Shawl ministry at church has started again this fall and I am working on several gifts as well.

I will close with a picture from our Cancun vacation this summer.


Cathie said...

Hi Teresa! you're like me and have been lax in blogging. I don't blog nearly as much as I used to - but hope to get back up to at least 2x per week now that everyone is on the mend. Your daughter's prom picture is so pretty. What a gorgeous dress - drop dead gorgeous she looks in that. And your family Cancun picture - what a beautiful family. You, my dear, are looking fantastic. Your busy schedule sure keeps you fit!!! Any "hog" rides lately? We are planning to trail the bike up to Colorado over the summer and do an intense Idaho/Wyoming/Montana tour. Still searing for the perfect homestead. Only three more years and we'll be out west for good. Right now - we're leaning toward Idaho/Montana West Yellowstone area. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up in Kansas! So nice to hear from you - take care.

Cathie said...

P.S. Gary is still looking great. Every time someone in my family reaches for him - to actually use him - I about have a stroke and scream "put Gary down!" he is for decoration only. Man - they just don't "get it." XO

Cathie said...

You ARE NOT posting on your blog?
Saw your comment about the pincushion!

Guess who's taking a knitting class….
ME! One of my 2014's - learn how to knit socks.
YOU are my inspiration.
Hope all is well and you are enjoying life.
We are now empty nesters - bittersweet.